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Thursday, 24 March 2011

‘Which star is more likely to make the sweetest proposal?‘

Big Bang’s Taeyang has been selected as the star the public expects the ‘sweetest proposal’ from.

Music portal, BUGS, conducted a poll from March 8th to the 21st asking, ‘which star is more likely to make the sweetest proposal?‘. They used Taeyang, Nickhun, Hyun Bin, Kim Su Hyun, Jung Yeob and Lee Hyun as the choices.

The survey involved a total of 2,546 voters and Taeyang received an overwhelming 50% (1,255 voters) of the votes, making him the #1 star people expect a romantic and sweet proposal from.

Netizens reasons for picking him were, “With such a sweet voice, the person whom Taeyang proposes to will probably melt“, “She won’t be able to bear Taeyang’s distinctive eye smile“.

While Kim Soo Hyun came in at 2nd place with 18% of the votes and Hyun Bin at 3rd place with 16%. Nickhun at 4th place, Jung Yeob at 5th place and Lee Hyun at 6th place.

Source: daum
Translated: alee @ ibigbang

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