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Thursday, 3 March 2011

VIP hopes that Big Bang will be remember them forever

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While appearing on SBS’s “Night By Night” recently, Seungri revealed that “T.O.P hyung got hit by sunflower seeds that a fan threw at him.”

But what was the reason for such an aggressive, in not unusual, display? Seungri explained, “That fan had yelled ‘Always remember me!!’, and then threw a handful of sunflower seeds at T.O.P.”

Afterwards, T.O.P had asked that fan, “Why did you throw this at me?”. The fan then truthfully revealed, “On the internet, I saw a fan at Kang Dong Won’s fan sign event slap Kang Dong Won across the face. But afterwards, during interview, Kang Dong Won stated that he remembered that fan very well. That’s why I copied that fan.”

Seungri then stated, “T.O.P hyung understood that fan’s meaning. He kindly gave her his signature and even comforted her while saying, ‘Please don’t do this again.’ But later, other fans learned about that event and everyone started to throw presents at us, asking us to remember them.”

Source + Picture: Newsen via Yahoo! Korea
Credit : Allkpop

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