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Sunday, 20 March 2011

SS501 Park Jungmin will coming to Malaysia ! on 9th of April

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Member of popular Korean boyband SS501, Park Jung Min will be having a fanmeeting in Malaysia on 9th of April since he officially started his solo activities, and will also be singing Malay songs!

(KL news) SS501 visited Malaysia in a rush 1 year ago, now Park Jung Min who is going solo will be having a fanmeeting in Malaysia on 9th of April at 8p.m. called in association with the release of his solo mini album “Not Alone”. The event takes place at Menara PGRM, Dewan Wawasan, Kuala Lumpur. His solo mini album “Not Alone” will be available for sales in Malaysia starting from 13th of March.

The one and only fanmeeting in Malaysia is organized by Need Entertainment. Ticket prices are RM450, RM350, RM250 and RM150 respectively. The organizer started the online ticket pre-sale on 9th of March at 7a.m. through “Need Entertainment” on Facebook. According to the spokesperson of the organizer, they will start to sell the fanmeeting tickets openly on 13th of March (Sunday) OR 20th of March (Sunday).

In Taiwan, Park Jung Min shook his hands with fans, hugged them, and let 100 lucky fans hug him intimately offstage, fulfilling their wishes. Alice said, Park Jung Min will not be biased, he is choosing Malay songs via Sony Music to practise diligently, wanting to perform something special for Malaysian fans!

Shaking hands & taking photos in a near distance

Alice said the Malaysia fanmeeting will be divided into 2 sections, 100 lucky fans each from RM350 and RM450 ticket zones will be chosen to attend a private gathering with Park Jung Min. “These 200 fans can shake their hands and take photos with Park Jung Min in a near distance, besides that, 5 lucky fans each from VVIP and VIP zones, can play games intimately with Park Jung Min on stage!”

Alice said, fans who buy tickets that cost RM450, RM350 and RM250 can get a set of limited edition of Malaysia version of Park Jung Min photo cards. Since it is Park Jung Min’s birthday on 3rd of April, the organizer fulfills Triple S’ wish, they will be letting 5 fanclubs to make a birthday surprise for Park Jung Min at the fanmeeting on 9th of April.

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