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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Park Jaebeom will hold a fan meeting and a concert in Japan !

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This coming May 9th, Park Jaebeom, the former leader of beast idols, 2PM, will hold a fan meeting as well as a concert, "Fan Meeting & Concert 2011," his first in Japan, in Nakano, Tokyo's Sun Plaza Hall.

Park Jaebeom, who has both the appeal of a nice young man and a macho, wild charm, was born in 1987 and is 23 years old. After his withdrawal from 2PM, he now belongs to the major entertainment company, "Sidus HQ" and besides doing activities as a solo artist and actor, he is doing activities in a broad realm of areas such as being an exclusive model for the jeans brand, "Denizen". Details can be found on the "Fan Meeting & Concert 2011" homepage.

*t/n: The homepage has details on pre-order information and ticket prices.

Source: Wow!Korea
Translated by oraday @

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