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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More about Ukiss new member : AJ and Hoon

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Replacing Kim Kibum and Alexander in U-Kiss are AJ from group PARAN (real name Kim Jaeseob, 20) and Hoon (real name Yeo Hoonmin, 20).

Agency NH Media commented on the 7th March that "PARAN's maknae AJ and Hoon with a solo singer career have been recruited as new members".

The 2 members are expected to start activities with U-Kiss' new album in the middle of the month.

In actual fact, PARAN (debut in 2005) has been dissolved with some members entering the army and others having a solo debut. AJ has been preparing to be a singer while studying.

Hoon is a theater major in Dongguk University, and has released a solo song in 2009 with his real name. He recently had a short appearance in SBS drama 'Athena' as a bodyguard for the president.

Netizens commented "What to do with U-Kiss hits it big from now onwards?", "He's good-looking, I'm looking forward to see his talent".

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