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Thursday, 31 March 2011

MC Mong final trial will be held on April 11th

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Since last year, MC Mong has been attending trials back and forth due to his alleged draft dodging. Today, March 28th, the court held the closing argument process.

During the trial, the prosecutors questioned the singer, who seemed to pour out all the burden that he had been keeping inside for the past months.

He stated in tears, “It was hard to live when this whole thing surfaced. I really had no clue about the rumors that I was fabricating my enlistment issues, but I won’t be changing the words that I have said up till now. Something that is wrong was definitely not done. I am very sorry and hurt for those who have been disappointed with me. I am not doing this to restore my reputation, or for money and fame. I am woeful. I sometimes even get thoughts that I have actually done something wrong, but I am not a liar and I will take whatever decision they choose.”

After revealing his inner feelings, MC Mong wiped off his tears and left the site.

At the same court, MC Mong’s final trial will be held on April 11th, where a decision will finally be made.

Credits: fukyeahmkyfrunch

Source: Newsen

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  1. I love Mc Mong!!!!! He did nothing wrong, and I can't wait until he starts making music again <3