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Friday, 18 March 2011

Lee Hyori will be releasing a her new album


Remember when Lee Hyori was facing some troubles with plagiarism accusations during her fourth album promotions? The singer recently revealed that the incidents made her consider retiring from the industry.

On March 14th, Lee Hyori guested on “Yoo Hee Yul’s Radio Heaven” and revealed, “After the plagiarism incident, I stopped a lot of my activities.”

She continued, “I could not express my feeling 100% during broadcasts. I felt as though if I revealed all my feelings, other people would feel uncomfortable and dislike me even more.”

“When I was hit with the plagiarism accusations, I had a period of time where I lost all my will. I hated everything and I wanted to no longer continue what I was doing.”

She added, “However, I comforted myself by studying music, learning the guitar, and writing music. Also, doing community service and helping out the environment gave me a lot of energy during that time.”

In response to questions about her future activities, Lee Hyori stated, “After taking some time off, I am thinking about releasing a new album.”

Also, Lee Hyori revealed her feelings on younger singers using the title, “The 2nd Lee Hyori.” She stated, “I don’t mind junior celebrities using the title ‘The 2nd Lee Hyori.’ However, I don’t think it’s right when people that I don’t even know use my name or use the phrase ‘Go away Lee Hyori’ to promote themselves.”

Source : Money Today via Yahoo! Korea
Credit : Allkpop

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