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Saturday, 12 March 2011

JYJ Junsu is currently save in Japan and waiting for ticket for come back to Korea

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His agency released an official statement regarding Junsu’s situation:

This is C-Jes Entertainment.

We are receiving many inquiries from fans regarding JYJ member Junsu's Japan Schedule now. Kim Junsu is currently safely waiting at the airport for it to be opened. And he is trying his best to attend the fan meeting.
We are trying our very best to let the on-site staff in Japan and Junsu be able to enter Korea safely.

We plan to cancel the fan meeting if Junsu is unable to enter Korea.
With regards to whether it will be canceled, we will reveal it tomorrow based on the situation at 12 noon. The Fan Meeting Staff have completed the rehearsal and all the preparations for the performance, and will be following the situation closely.

If the plane has departed by 12 noon tomorrow, we will delay the performance by 1 hour and the fan meeting will proceed as previously planned.
If that is not possible, we will give a refund and reconsider the performance.

We are sorry to suddenly cause the fans to worry due to the occurrence of a natural disaster.

Source: C-Jes Entertainment and DBSKnights

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