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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Jaebeom wants to said sorry to 2PM face to face

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Singer Park Jaebum revealed his recent emotions by passing on an apologetic heart to group 2PM's members.

Through KBS 2TV's 'Guerilla Date' that was aired on the 12th, Park Jaebum appeared on the TV airwaves for the first time after quitting 2PM in 2009, in a year and a half.

He mentioned the apology he posted recently on his fancafe towards his previous company, JYPEntertainment, saying, "I finally got to appear on TV and my album's gonna come out, and before that, with a heart meaning to clear everything up, I left that post. I always expressed my sorriness towards 2PM members, who suffered through a lot because of me, only through writing but through this opportunity, I want to tell them directly".

Also, at the question asking, "Did you ever meet a JYP associate or any of 2PM's members", he confessed, "I didn't meet any of them. I think I'd be welcoming if I saw them again. I want to see the 2PM members the most and I'm hoping they miss me too".

On the other hand, Park Jaebum started his solo activities through the release of mini album 'Count on Me' last July, as well as taking a role in bboy movie 'Hype Nation' that's set to release this year.

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