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Monday, 28 March 2011

Infinite's Sungyeol has been cast as a supporting role on SBS 'While You Were Sleeping'

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A representative recently revealed, "Infinite’s Sungyeol has been cast as a supporting role on SBS’ daily drama 'While You Were Sleeping,' which will be aired in May.” 'While You Were Sleeping' will be the follow up drama for 'Pure Pumpkin Flower,' which Sungyeol will star in with Oh Yoona, So Youjin and Lee Changhoon."

Sungyeol is reported to have started his first script reading on the 25th, with recordings to start next month. When asked about his recent drama casting, Sungyeol immediately replied, “After passing through the auditions, I recently became confirmed for the casting. I have done many minor roles so far such as a thief or delinquent. I felt really good to receive a role that has importance.”

The role will mark Sungyeol's debut as an actor after taking up minor roles for previous projects in the past. Closing his interview Sungyeol promised his fans and future viewers, “As much as this is a good chance, I will intensively prepare and try my best to help the drama.”

Source: TV Report and Infinite Updates

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