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Thursday, 31 March 2011

f(x) Luna received a compliment from Kang Ho Dong and thats why she burst into tears

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On the latest episode of “Strong Heart“, Luna shared a story from her debut days, which stretched back to 2009.

When she first debuted, people commented frequently that she looked very cold. She didn’t have many opportunities to show off her personality until she got asked to be on “Star King“. She was scheduled to appear on the show with fellow member Victoria, and she decided that she would try really hard to show off her true personality.

But on the day before filming, a friend called her and said, “Luna, be good to Ho Dong! Don’t get too hurt by him. Even if you’re good, he only likes pretty girls so he won’t even look at you. Anyways, do well on ‘Star King’! ”

Luna said, “I was worried after the phone call, but I tried really hard during filming and got a permanent guest spot on the show. Ho Dong oppa gave me so many chances to show off athletic and singing talents that I really was able to make my name known.”

Lee Seung Gi added, “It’s clear that Kang Ho Dong likes pretty girls since he helped you out.”

It seemed that everything was running smooth for Luna, until a certain day when all the members of f(x) were invited onto the show. The talk revolved around physical activities, and Luna was called upon to show her “horse thighs”. She thought people would make fun of them and brought a hat to cover the tears she expected to shed.

However, contrary to the criticisms, she actually received a compliment from Kang Ho Dong himself! He surprised her with, “I swear, if you keep working this hard, in 10 years, you will be really successful.”

After hearing this, she started sobbing so much that she had to sit in the back row so no one could see. She says she was really touched by his kind words.

On “Strong Heart,” Kang Ho Dong said, “I could tell that Luna genuinely loved people and had eyes like jewels so I advised her to trust herself.”

Credit : Allkpop

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