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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dal Shabet will making a comeback on mid-April with their 2nd mini album

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Dalshabet's last performance for their debut album was aired last 12th of March on MBC 'Music Core'. Over two months, they have completed their debut album activities. They are scheduled to have a comeback on mid-April with their second mini album.

Popular composer, producer and in charge of the arrangements, E-TRIBE, has brought the debut of Dalshabet on January 4 with 'Supa Dupa Diva' which has a sweet concept. Their debut album which are released in various online music sites and TV music programs was ranked top in the rankings.

Engraved with the name 'Dalshabet', each of the members attended spread-round activities such as music broadcasts, arts programs, radio and advertising to the public.

"We learn so much in our activities for our debut album as a new group. But for awhile, we will spoil you about some parts of our next album...we will come back with a cool look. We want to thank all of our fans!" Dalshabet members said.

source: SPN
posted by: ohdugeun @Dal★shabet LOVE
translated by: ohdugeun @Dal★shabet LOVE

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