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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Big Bang Taeyang been nominees by Rhythmer

R&B / Soul Single of the Year
올댓 (All That) – Closer
디즈 (Deez) – Sugar
진보 (Jinbo) – U R
보니 (Boni) – ResQ Me
태양 (Taeyang) – Superstar

R & B / Soul Artist of the Year
디즈 (Deez)
보니 (Boni)
진보 (Jinbo)
태양 (Taeyang)
올댓 (All That)

Music spans releases between 1st December 2009 and 30th November 2010. Nominees were chosen by a panel of writers & experts.

Source: Rhythmer
Translation & Credit to: alwaystaeyang

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