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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Alexander will be join with 3rdWaveMusic!

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Since Alexander met some dilemmas with his old agency, NH Media, he already had some meetings with Johnny Lee, the Executive Producer of 3rdWaveMusic. Through these times, Johnny Lee gave him much encouragement. And finally when Xander officially announced his leaving NH Media, he seriously considered to join with 3rdWaveMusic new project along with Johnny Lee and Brian Joo, the main vocal in 3rdWaveMusic latest project, “I Will Be There.”
Just a couple minutes ago, 3rdWaveMusic announced this decision:

“NEWS FLASH: Brian and PJ have agreed to have Alexander formerly of U-KISS. We are going to announce his involvement with 3RD WAVE Projects”

As we all know that Xander found tough times during his leaving U-Kiss, but now as he joins 3rdWaveMusic new project, that means his true journey has just begun. And yesterday (March 12nd), he finally broke his silence by his tweet. Wish everyone can keep supporting Xander.

Credits: kissmeukiss + @3rdWaveMusic + @alexander_0729 + Kore

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