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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ukiss Kevin would like to give candies to 2NE1 Dara for Valentine's Day

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Kevin recently confessed who he wants to receive chocolate from on Valentine’s Day.

During the press conference of ‘Star Date’ Kevin revealed that he admires Dara and he wishes to receive some chocolate from her.

He was later asked about which female idol he would like to give candies during White Day. And he said that since he would pick Dara since he wants to receive chocolate from her.

‘Star Date’ is a program where fans will be able to date their idols and is also an opportunity for the members of U-Kiss to know more about them

Kevin also revealed his ideal type and mentioned that she should have a light nature and be someone who smiles a lot. She also has o understand and accept him.

Kevin and Eli will travel to hong Kong to record the show.

Source: Gokpop

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