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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

UKISS Dongho will be featured in MBC 'Royal Family'

U-KISS’s Dongho has been expanding his acting career lately through two movie appearances, and he’s just added one more item to his resume. The idol was recently cast into MBC’s “Royal Family“, through which he’ll make his debut in the drama industry.

According to the drama’s production company, Dongho will be playing the role of ‘Jo Byung Jun’, the son of the two leading roles. He’s described to be a smart but cold character who becomes accepted at Harvard University. Despite his achievements, he’s a hard-headed teen who will do anything to ensure himself a brighter future, even going so far as to ask his own mother to give up her parental rights.

The main character is Lee Mi-yeon.This drama is about love,ambitions, and betrayals. This drama is directed by Kim Do-hoon who also hitted Queen Seon-deok. It'll be aired on the first week of March 2011.

Credits: kissmeukiss +nate+ukissmeph+allkpop
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