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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong said ' KARA should be more careful next time and stay as 5 member

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SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong gave his thoughts on the KARA dispute with DSP Media through an interview with Daily Sports.

KARA’s former labelmate expressed, “I might have to give the girls a light clout when I see them. It’s upsetting that such a situation arose when they were doing so well. No matter what agency they go to, they have to remain as one. I hope they never forget that.”

Kim Kyu Jong continued, “I’ve been watching over KARA since they were trainees, so it feels good to see the level of popularity they’ve achieved in Japan. It’s only just now that they’re finally harvesting the fruits of their labor, but it’s upsetting that this had to happen. I hope that they don’t become swayed by the words of those around them, and focus on gathering their opinion as one.”

Kim Kyu Jong left DSP Media in 2010 and is now a part of B2M Entertainment.

Credit : Allkpop

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