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Sunday, 6 February 2011

SNSD's trainer Kim Jihoon revelead SNSD's daily diet

On SBS lunar new year special of ‘스 타 뭐하세요 (What Are Stars Doing?)‘ aired on February 3rd, some food-related matters concerning celebrities were revealed. ‘What are Stars Doing?’ is a segment of the entertainment information program ‘One Night TV Entertainment‘.

Meat is the most favorited food among stars. Drama ‘My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho’ starring Shin MinA contributed to the increase in beef consumption. Besides that, according to ‘Stars You Would Like To Dine With‘ survey, Won Bin secured the #3 spot, followed by SNSD in 2nd and MC Kang Ho Dong took the no.1 spot.

On the program, SNSD’s trainer, Kim Jihoon said, “SNSD’s daily diet is about 1,500 kCal. They take seasonal herbs, 5 cuts of brocolli, grilled chicken breast meat 100 gram, 150g brown rice, etc. They usually eat well”.


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