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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Jay Park said 'My Album will be released on April,please wait'

free image hostingSinger Jay Park recently revealed his plans for an upcoming album release through this week’s episode of “ENEWS”.

During the interview, the singer stated, “I think an album will be coming out sometime around April. They are fun tracks that have both a sexy and pop feel to it.”

He continued, “I produced and wrote the lyrics for all three songs myself. I’ll be busy with filming movies and releasing albums, so please watch out for me.”

Additionally, when he was asked to show his “chocolate” abs, Jay became shy and replied, “I took care of myself a lot during my concert, but the moment it finished, I stopped exercising and gained weight.”

When the interviewer kept asking him to show them, Jay timidly replied, “No~ Not right now“, but added, “Look forward to it when I release my album later.”

Source: TV Daily #1, #2 via Nate
Credit : Allkpop

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