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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Co-Ed will comeout with a male sub-group

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Co-Ed's Yoosung recently updated his Cyworld, telling fans, "Cheer on 5Dolls, who will soon debut!" 5Dolls, the female sub-group of Co-Ed, is in the middle of preparing for their February 10 debut on M! Countdown.

Yoosung informed fans that he would not be as active on his Cyworld until Co-Ed's comeback. However, he added, "It won't be too long, so please be patient!" He next revealed that Co-Ed will come out with a male sub-group. "We'll come out with surprising vocals and dance skills," Yoosung promised.

He addressed fans and loved ones, thanking them for always supporting him: "I'll remember every single one of you."

Source: Core Clique

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