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Thursday, 10 February 2011

CN Blue's first Japan Album is delayed

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Currently CNBLUE is filming the music video of the first formal album in Tokyo, and the post work seems to take a lot of time(than expected), so the delay seems inevitable. Moreover, better songs are being made continuously which can show CNBLUE‘s attraction more, the management company is going to add more new songs (in the album).

Because of this, the management company is predicting that the first formal album can be released in the middle of March.

CNBLUE‘s management FNC Music said, “This is CNBLUE’s first formal album, so we are considering many things. Formal album will be filled with songs which all the members have composed. As post work is proceeding to make more indepth album, the delayed release date is unavoidable.”

CNBLUE also said through FNC, “As the release of album is delayed, we will repay you with better music, as much as the fans can wait for u

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