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Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Boss debut in Japanese on 23rd April

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he long awaited comeback/Japanese debut of The BOSS has been announced during the Live Hug Event in Japan as written in a Fan Account by Yumezora. At the Live Hug Event in Shinjuku, as reported by Yumezora, the boys performed a few songs from their upcoming Japanese album as well as having a photo session, talking time with the fans, then obviously a hug at the end!

During the talking session, Karam announced that the The BOSS would now be making their debut in April 23rd. Open World has not yet announced this officially it seems, as the last message posted on the Official Cafe stated that for reasons, the debut date that was originally February 23rd would have to be pushed back and the new confirmed date would be announced later. But thanks to the insight of a fan from her fan account we are able to discover this before they announce it!

There seems to be alot in store for us The BOSS fans as the fan even hinted:

“Oh yes and for all the Jihwan stans out there: In the Japanese songs he has singing lines! Lots of them!”

and that

“Next was Love Beam. It was the first time they had performed it ever. The choreography is so dorky, and the five of them kept playing around on stage. It was adorable. The song is pretty good as well in my opinion.”

As much as we were all anticipating the debut to be much sooner, lets continue to support our boys until their Japanese debut on 23rd of April!

Source: Yumezora’s Fan Account & The BOSS Official FanCafe
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