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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Big Bang Daesung,musical drama 'What's up' has been cancel by SBS

Campus musical drama “What’s Up” starring Daesung and Im Ju Hwan, was forced to cancel on SBS.

“What’s Up” had been known to debut this March through SBS. However, in a meeting with reporters on Friday 20th SBS CP, Kim Young Seob stated, “Even though we wanted SBS to work on ‘What’s Up’ because of various circumstances we were forced to cancel it.”

She continued, “There were some parts that were difficult for SBS to organize. SBS’s changes in programming seem to be too big.” she explained.

“What’s Up” drama started the shooting in July last year and it’s currently at a 90% completed stage. This musical drama depicts the passions and dreams of young students enrolled in the musical area.

The drama gathered lots of attention before even beginning to shoot with famous writer Song Jina who wrote drama “KAIST”, as well as with Daesung who raised many expectations as a debut actor. Also with Im Ju Hwan from (Tamra the island) and Im Ju Eun (Soul), Jang Hui Jin, Lee Su Hyuk, etc. the drama is composed of mostly fresh, young and passionate actors that play the role of aspiring musical students.

The work they have done during the past six months has been thoroughly vocal and dance training.

Source: newsen
Translated: Sammi @ ibigbang

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