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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Beast Doojoon excited of a kissed scene with BEG Gain

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Beast’s Yoon Doojoon expressed his thoughts on the kiss scene with Ga In. On the SBS Strong Heart episode due to be aired on the 1st February, Doojoon talked about the kiss scene with Ga In in MBC’s sitcom All My Love. He said, ‘ During the filming, I felt that there might be a kissing scene at any moment, so I was mentally prepared for it, but honestly as a red blooded male, I was excited for it.’

Jokwon who was Ga In’s fake husband in MBC’S We Got Married also starring in this sitcom has a mild rivalry with Doojoon. Doojoon who has a good relationship with him said,’ When we film kissing scenes, Jokwon’s face will appear in my mind. Honestly, it was a bit of a burden.’ After that, Jokwon voiced out his opinion on the kissing scene, confessing his heart to Ga In whose ‘married couple’ life with him is now over.

This episode will be aired on the 1st of February at 11.05 PM KST.

TRANS: Yang Ting @mybeastyboys

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