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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Alice Nine Hiroto is a Primadonna

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A popular Japanese rock band member has recently been revealed as an FT Island fan.

Alice Nine guitarist Hiroto recently found FT Island vocalist Lee Hongki on Twitter and stated that he likes FT Island’s music. Hiroto tweeted Hongki in Korean stating,

“안녕하세요!!!!! 일본의 밴드 Alice Nine의 Guitar입니다. FOLLOW했어요. FT Island의 곡이 좋아해요~ / Hello!!! It’s the guitarist from the Japanese band Alice Nine. I followed you. I like FT Island’s songs~”

Lee Hongki responded to Hiroto and wished him “good night.”

Lee Hongki has recently undergone lasik eye surgery and has also kept busy with his appearances on variety shows.

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Source(s): @alice9_hiroto and @skullhong
Photo: Yonhap news

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