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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

1N2D will be revelead the new member on next week !

On February 15th, Na Young Suk PD spoke with Kuki News and revealed, “The sixth member will be joining the cast to begin filming on the 25th and 26th. The episode will be broadcasted the following month.”

When asked further questions about the identity of the member, he replied, “Viewers can confirm through the TV screen. Until then, we cannot say a word. We originally wanted to open up a bigger pathway to Lee Seung Gi’s future once the program regained its footing with the sixth member. Rumors of his leave came out earlier than what we expected, and it was upsetting to see that they were distorted and exaggerated.”

He continued, “Although we told him that he could leave once the sixth member joined, he revealed that he wanted to stay until he joined the military. We’re very thankful, and apologetic as well.”

Source: Kuki News via Nate
Credit : Allkpop

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