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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Yoon Kyoung Cheol tweets regarding JYJ Junsu's tweet

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Amidst controversy swirling around SM Entertainment artists voicing their opinions through a series of messages addressing JYJ Junsu’s tweet, an OBS PD that previously interviewed all five of the TVXQ members expressed his own thoughts on January 8th.

Yoon Kyung Cheol is PD to shows such as “OBS Unique Entertainment News,” “Weekend Entertainment Magazine,” and “Good Events, Bad Events, and Weird Events,” and works with a staff of 30.

Yoon began his series of tweets by writing, “Looking at idols lately, it’s not even funny anymore. Do they think they’re a gang or something? Why are they ganging up and fighting? They’re not even the people in question, why leave messages like that? If they’re public figures, they should act like public figures. If not, just fight properly. Why are there laws? Don’t use the love of fans for your own personal profit, xx idol.”

He continued, “Idols are really so funny. Who do they think made them into who they are? They probably think it’s themselves or their CEO or something. Fools, the people that created you are your fans, how could you be so ungrateful?”

Yoon re-tweeted a person that stated, “They were trained thoroughly by their company, even the emotions that they are born with is a product of training,” and further added, “It’s upsetting.”

He continued, “The problem is that the idols don’t know their place and are acting out like this, but not one adult is restricting them. Just because they’re nicknamed ‘adult-idols’ doesn’t mean anything.”

When asked whether he was the PD that interviewed TVXQ in the past, he added, “You’re right. When I interviewed TVXQ at the time, they were so happy with themselves that they even wanted to have their children become group singers.”

The PD concluded his series of tweets by writing, “Idols exist to give us hopes and dreams. I hope that they continue to exist under that reason inside of me, and as much as they are models for their fans, I hope they love all so that misunderstandings do not happen amongst their fans. I genuinely ask for them to, please.”

Source: @obspd
Credit : Allkpop

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