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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Why YGE artist didnt make performance on Music Bank?

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It seems fans have been unable to see YG Entertainment artists performing on KBS’s Music Bank for some time now due to the label declaring a non-attendance to the public broadcast network’s 2010 KBS Music Festival.

A representative of the music industry spoke with Star News on January 27th and revealed, “Despite GD&TOP and Seungri being well into their promotion cycles, YG Entertainment artists have not once made an appearance on KBS’s Music Bank since restarting their activities.”

He continued, “GD&TOP and Seungri make weekly appearances on MBC’s Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo, and for a longer period, it seems that YG representatives won’t be sending their artists to appear on Music Bank, which goes the same for Big Bang’s comeback next month.”

Some are speculating that YG’s inability to appear on Music Bank is due to the artists refusing to attend the year-end “2010 KBS Music Festival” last year. At the time, representatives of YG expressed, “We are not able to understand why the ‘Gayo Festival’ is giving a ‘best popularity award’ when they declared that they wouldn’t.” YG artists instead attended MBC and SBS’s year-end ceremonies, both of which did not contain award components.

KBS had clarified that the festival overall focused on music and not the awards, and retorted that they too failed to understand YG’s decision.

Since then, YG artists have not been making appearances on Music Bank. Despite the controversy, representatives of the label explained, “We do not have a bad relationship with Music Bank.”

After missing out on Music Bank last week despite apppearing on all other music shows, Seungri will continue to be absent on the January 28th episode.

Source: Star News via Nate
Credit : Allkpop

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