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Sunday, 9 January 2011

TVXQ ,talked about the meaning of lyric Keep Your Head Down

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TVXQ made an appearance on KBS TV’s “Entertainment Relay” on January 8th, and shared how they felt about making their official return to the music industry.

When asked about how they felt during their first comeback appearance through “Music Bank” on the 7th, Yunho began, “My heart was beating so fast, it really can’t be explained in words. It felt like the way you feel right before you begin to cry. Thinking about it now, I still get a burst of emotions.”

Yunho was also asked about their lyrics for their title track, “Keep Your Head Down“, which is rumored to be referring to JYJ. Yunho answered, “The lyrics contain one man’s powerful message to overcome the hardships of breakup. We chose the title ‘Why’ in order to arouse curiosities.”

They continued, “It’s just a song about a man’s anger towards the woman that threw him away. That’s all.”

The duo concluded, “As much as it is our first time greeting everyone after a long while, we’ll be making sure to present more masculine performances that have more ‘weight’ to them.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Daum, E Toda

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