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Sunday, 16 January 2011

T-ara Hyomin shows that she has the best connections among the idols

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Through Mnet "Dream Girls", T-ara are currently working with the senator Na KyeongWon. This day Hyomin and Jiyeon had to call their acquaintances to do a public survey. The theme was "Is appearance considered important?"

While calling her friends, Hyomin revealed "I have over 941 contacts in my cellphone. Among them, Kara, Beast and other idols. But also respected senior like Hwang Jungmin and Song Euni". Jiyeon looked with envy to Hyomin declared "I'm jealous I only have 70 contacts."

To promote this event T-ara organized a free buffet. Among the dishes there are beef, pork etc. Senator Na Kyeonwon participed in the event to support them.

Written by: Lee HyunWoo
Translated by shining star`★

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