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Friday, 21 January 2011

SUJU have decided to renew their contracts with SME

Amidst the contract controversies involving TVXQ/JYJ, Super Junior’s Hangeng and most recently Kara, SuJu member Heechul revealed today that he, along with his fellow members, have decided to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment.

On the January 19th radio broadcast of MBC’s Golden Fishery, Heechul stated, “Not long ago, I re-signed my contract with my agency.” Kim Gu Ra inquired, “Is that good news?” and Yong Jong Shinenviously quipped, “It means he’s received a lump sum. A lump sum,” drawing laughter.

Heechul also revealed that the rest of Super Junior had also decided to re-sign their contracts with SM Entertainment last November on his SBS radio program, Kim Heechul’s Young Street. The idol expressed his faith in SME, stating, “A man must live with loyalty.”

Heechul isn’t the first SME artist to talk about their statuses with SME; a few weeks ago, fellow bandmate Siwon and singer BoA spoke up about their hard work as artists and discomfort with the term ’slave contract.’


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