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Friday, 7 January 2011

Park Yoohwan has been casted into MBC's new weekend drama ' Shiny Shiny Shining'

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YJ Yoochun’s younger brother, Park Yoohwan, has been casted into MBC’s new weekend drama, “Shiny Shiny Shining.”

Representatives of Park Yoohwan stated, “He will be playing the role of ‘Lee Seo Woo,’ the younger stepbrother of actor Jang Yong. His character withdraws from high school at 18, and lives with Jang Yong and Go Doo Sim.”

They continued, “Yoohwan went through a camera profile test last month and received positive results from the producer. Despite being a rookie, they gave him many points for showing high potential. He’s currently receiving acting training and is preparing for his screen debut.”

The drama will be the follow-up to “Gloria“, and will begin airing February 12th.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum

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