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Sunday, 30 January 2011

No more 1n2d after this?

There has been a lot of controversy regarding 1 Night 2 Days lately, whether it be about the writers having trouble coming up with new material or about the producers having trouble finding a sixth member.

The 1 Night 2 Days crew is troubled; their solid position as a top variety show is a great accomplishment, but the burden and stress they have to endure is a great weight on their shoulders. Rather than worrying about finding a good replacement for their sixth member, the crew is more worried about ruining the chemistry the current members have by adding a new member and are, therefore, unwilling to take such a risk.

To add onto what was previously mentioned, the arrows of accusation continue to rain down. Why? Because whatever is shown on 1 Night 2 Days becomes a topic of interest and an issue because of its immense popularity. Even though the writers apologize for whatever mistake was made, it still isn’t enough. And now, rather than apologizing, the writers have taken the offensive, going on the attack instead of apologizing. Viewers who have witnessed such actions have made comments such as “I’m tired of all this. Enough is enough “.

The producers of 1 Night 2 Days who have to answer to the never-ending phone calls and complaints are said to be showing signs of neurosis due to the emotional distress and mental anxiety. If they answer the phone and say something wrong, then the issue grows into an even bigger controversy. But if they do not or cannot answer the phone call, the people think that they are avoiding the calls and the situation still becomes worse. Due to the fact that anything related to 1 Night 2 Days is turned into news, it is no surprise that things have become very stressful and tiring.

Source: Osen via Nate
Credit : Allkpop

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