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Friday, 28 January 2011

Meeting between KARA and DSP revelead

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On January 25th, Landmark, the legal representatives for the three members of KARA (Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole, Han Seungyeon), revealed that, “DSP Media has proposed the following for KARA members: ‘Creating an agreement on promotions within and outside of Korea’ and ‘Consulting and requesting the members’ opinions’. With regards to the first proposal, DSP expressed that the company has shown clear intentions of negotiating with the members. These were proposed in hope that the three KARA members will continue carrying out their schedules in Korea and Japan. The representative predicts that the fans will be able to see the five members of KARA promoting together very soon.”

The contents of ‘To create an agreement on promotions within and outside of Korea’ are as follows:

1) From now on, KARA members will have an experienced manager while promoting in Korea and overseas.

2) After discussing resuming promotions in Japan, DSP will acknowledge the opinions of members and seek contact from the manager stated in the first point.

3) During promotions in Korea and overseas, the members are allowed to have their guardians (the members’ parents or someone they have chosen) accompanying them and contribute to making important decisions.

4) While promoting in Japan, the representative of DSP Japan will be cooperative.

However, a representative of the three KARA members said, “In regards to the second proposal, the KARA members expressed that they still don’t have faith in DSP. There’s been a promise and agreement with DSP to promote right away, yet we are disappointed with their insincerity.”

The KARA members’ opinions of ‘Consulting and requesting of the members’ opinions’ are as follows:

1) The three members of KARA will let the legal department deal with their contract, and both sides have agreed to complete activities that they have missed.

2) In order to restore faith in the relationship between KARA and DSP, the three members have suggested the following to be completed by January 27th:

a) The members will meet with representative Lee Hoyeon and not DSP.

b) Finding an end to the gap between the management until the return of representative Lee Hoyeon.

c) They will seek a management that is highly regarded and reliable.

d) They will find a way to organize and improve Care, KARA’s management team.

e) Making sure that KARA’s promised income is given.

f) An explanation in the relationship between DSP and DSP Japan.

3) Fixing the individual contracts before all the members terminate their contract.

4) Once the overall income has been calculated, they will provide full disclosure and all paperwork regarding the income.

A representative of the three members said, “DSP was not able to give a clear answer in regards to representative Lee Hoyeon’s whereabouts, as well as performing as five members again. Not only did the three KARA members lose faith in DSP, but the contracts were also unfair. The members have also recognized a difference between their opinions and the company’s stand on the issue.”

With regards to their requests to shorten their contract, they expressed, “It was not the members who had brought it up first, but DSP had privately approached one member with this issue. We were able to find out the intentions of DSP on that day. The company had stated that they would resolve and shorten the contracts but to change their answer now has confused all of us.”

Source: Star Today (article was removed from site) + Osen

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