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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Lee Min Jung,revealed that she closer with 2AM's Seulong

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Actress Lee Min Jung recently opened up about her surprising relationships during an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date.”

On January 1st, she revealed that she has gotten closer with 2AM’s Seulong after he chose her as his ideal woman, and even chose him as the person she sends texts to the most. She then introduced Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeob as a close friend she often goes out drinking with, impressing many with her close ties to the music industry.

When asked about whether she knew she’d become the top star she is now, she replied, “I never knew I would become a top star. But you do have to become a ’star’ in order to film in projects you want. My family is always careful with me, and although they have positive views, there’s a lot of concerns.”

At the mention of her sweeping various rookie awards at the year-end awards ceremony in 2010, she replied, “Actor Um Tae Woong told me, ‘You must be happy, why don’t you give me one?’”

Lee Min Jung’s segment was concluded with her New Year wish, in which she stated, “I’d like for my new projects to achieve great results and to hopefully meet my life partner. I want to take on stronger and more depressing roles this year. It’d be great if I could star in a movie like ‘Once.’”

Source + Photos: TV Report, BNT News, Star News

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