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Saturday, 8 January 2011

JYJ Junsu expresses his dissapoinment towards DBSK through his twitter

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“I am grateful even if the interest shown is small” It can be seen that they have been going through a hard time.
Junsu expresses his disappointment towards DBSK through Twitter.

JaeJoong from the 3 member group JYJ was choked with emotions for a moment.
This was during the 6th when they had dinner together with reporters at a hotel in Seoul. They went to all the tables and made their greetings. JaeJoong’s emotional reaction was during the final greeting.

On this day, JaeJoong, together with the other members, expressed their thanks to the reporters who had been supporting them in JYJ’s activites. He was unable to overcome his emotions during that moment. After expressing their thanks, he saw every single reporter out individually and JaeJoong repeatedly said, “Thank you.”
In July 2009, JaeJoong, Junsu and YooChun left SM Entertainment and carried out their own activities on their own.

After the legal battle, the remaining members of DBSK are now starting new activities.

Junsu said, “I will try my very best to make this year a better year compared to last year.”
YooChun too added, “I would like to thank those who have been showing us even the smallest amount of interest.”

JaeJoong said, “Thank you for always showing us interest even though we are lacking and so many of you came today, thank you.” while saying this, he became overwhelmed with emotion.

One representative explained the reason for JaeJoong’s uncontrollable emotions, saying, “It has been a long time since he has met so many reporters and because so many turned up, I think he was touched.”

The two members of DBSK who recently released an album and JYJ are clearly going on different paths. In the midst of this, interest is growing regarding the expressed thoughts of the members.

DBSK expressed their thanks to the head of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, in the “Thanks To” section of their new album. With regards to this, Junsu tweeted, “I thought we had the same enemy. It seemed like it wasn’t the enemy for all of us. It seems like many things happened during the time when we weren’t together. Even though we are separated, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, hyung! Didn’t we have the same thought.” expressing his feelings of emotions.

Also interest is increasing regarding YooChun’s recently released lyrics to his self-composed song.
“It was an imprisonment which wasn’t meant to be an imprisonment for us. Extreme tears, loneliness, rage; all of these made us united as one. Even if anything were to happen, we said that we would not leave each other. I will turn my back first on you who have already changed.”

People are also under the impression that in the lyrics of the new song by DBSK seem to contain a hidden message directed at JYJ. “I will erase you from my heart completely and proceed on to a happy future. In the distant future, you will realize how genuine the love that you deserted was.” The lyrics contained such warnings and resolutions.

In any case, on this day, we could see how hard it has been for them. In the future, while supporting them in their activities, we are curious to see how this inherent discord will be resolved.

Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights
Source: Sportsworld Daily
Shared by: DBSKnights

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