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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Introduce : Bebe Mignon

Released: 2010.11.01
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320 kbps
*BeBe Mignon was created by Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo. They are under the same management as 4Men.
01. 키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만..
02. 잘해준 것 밖에 없는데
03. 오빠바보
04. 키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만.. (Inst.)
05. 잘해준 것 밖에 없는데 (Inst.)
06. 오빠바보 (Inst.)

You should listen to them !


  1. thank you so much, for the recommendation :)
    I try this Bebe Mignon single :D

    hey I found your blog when I was dying to find Hyomin and Qri's Mnet scandal, and the google lead me here, sadly the video been removed from youtube,
    so maybe you have the file of the video subbed or not, mind to upload it for me? or you may tell me the link :D

    thank you so much
    warm greeting

    oh yeah I also had a blog --> . if you don't mind take a look hhe
    thank you :D

  2. Hai ! husnia
    Thank you for visited,:')
    About the video,i think you should visit,they provides a lot of video,and i think they have mnet scandal too
    if the video doesnt work out,
    maybe you should find on dailymotion,perhaps its have
    i found this one,i dont know if the link is work out or not,you have to download it first ; O

    and last but not least thank you for visited this page ! :')