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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Girl Story talked about haters

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Despite the concerns, these girls already have experience with the industry despite their young ages. Kim Hye In (9), Kim Yuri (10), Kim Chae Young (11), and Lee Yoon Jung (9) all featured in popular dramas, CFs, and have won dance competitions as well.

In an interview with TV Report, they expressed their determination to do well in 2011, along with a mature statement claiming that they considered even their anti-fans as fans.

They began, “We’re going to become a Girl Story that makes others happy. We want to become a girl group that becomes famous and lasts for a long time, all the while depending on each other as a team. Since we’re 10 now, we should be the oldest girl group when we turn 20, right? (laughter).”

The girls are currently a part of Antz Star Company, home to actor Choi Phillip and actress Kim Ye Bun. Girl Story is the brainchild of the company, and they’ve gone great lengths to ensure their success, such as bringing in producer Lee Kyu Nak of the Berklee College of Music.

Unfortunately, the group was met with a series of anti-cafes even before their debut, and a lot of hateful replies left online as well.

Hye In said, “We don’t believe that people are leaving hateful replies because they hate us. We trust that people will compliment us when we continue to improve. By thanking our fans, we’ll become a girl group that lasts forever.”

Yuri added, “I want to tell people that they don’t have to worry, because we’re going to work hard even if it’s difficult in order to make our dreams come true. When we make a mistake in the future, we’ll learn and fix ourselves with everyones’ constructive criticisms. Please support us.”

Chae Young said, “Anti fans are our anti fans as well. I’d rather have hateful replies than no interest at all. I don’t think that people are worried about our ages, as much as the fact that they’re afraid that we won’t do well. If we do well, hopefully those hateful replies will lessen.”

Yoon Jung concluded, “There may be a lot of hateful replies now, but we’ll become famous singers through hard work and improvement, so please give us a lot of love. We like friends our age, but we hope to get a lot of oppa fans too. Maybe 15-17 year olds? Even oppas in their 20s! (laughter).”

According to Antz Star Company, the group will be complying with the regulations set for minor entertainers.

The members have all trained for about one or two years and rehearse for four hours every day. Excluding Chae Young, the remaining three members are also trained in acting since they were originally child actresses.

Their two debut tracks, “Pinky Pinky” and “Change My Life,” also feature lyrics that the members personally love. ”Pinky Pinky” tells the story of a girl that is too shy to confess her feelings to her crush, while “Change My Life” is about a girl finally making a love confession.

The members stated, “We really like the lyrics. We feel them in our hearts.” They also hinted at having dated boyfriends before.

Source: TV Report via Nate
Credit :Allkpop

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