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Friday, 14 January 2011

F.T. Island, are scheduled to join the massive “K-pop wave”

Popular rock idols, F.T. Island, are scheduled to join the massive “K-pop wave” in Taiwan by attending a special new year program titled, “2011 Asian Star Fight“.

The boys will head over on January 26th, and have expressed their excitement in returning to their Taiwanese fans.

After fans heard that the group would be making an appearance, many left positive comments such as “We’re so glad that Taiwan is getting love from all of these spectacular groups, especially F.T. Island.”

The boys aren’t exactly new to the country, as they held their first major concert in Taiwan back in December of last year. The boys stated, “We’d like to have a foot massage done, and hopefully go to some of the clubs there. We also want to eat delicious food, and have a great time overall.”

Source + Photo: TVDaily via Daum
Credit : Allkpop

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