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Monday, 10 January 2011

CN BLUE 'Re-Maintenance' rank in at #2 on Japan's daily Oricon Chart

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CNBLUE unveiled their third Japanese single, “RE-MAINTENANCE“, on January 9th and they’ve already managed to rank in at #2 on Japan’s daily Oricon chart without any official promotions.

Unlike their Korean promotions, CNBLUE has ranked on the ‘Oricon top 10′ through only live performances; they were even chosen as the artists whose debut Japanese music fans were looking forward to the most this year.

“RE-MAINTENANCE” features a total of four tracks including “Try Again, Smile Again,” “Don’t Say Goodbye,” “Kimio,” and an instrumental. All four songs were written and produced by the members, which demonstrated their determination to reach the top with their talents, instead of their visuals.

The group is also preparing for their four-city “Zeff Tour“, starting in Osaka. The tour sold out all 12,000 seats, a fantastic sign for their year ahead.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Daum

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