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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bonamana,has been banned in China

From TVXQ’s Mirotic to GD&TOP’s Don’t Go Home, we’ve seen kpop get banned right and left by Korea, and it looks like they aren’t alone – it was recently revealed on UK’s Yahoo! Music that Super Junior’s Bonamana has been banned in China.

The report states:

Banning a boyband takes some doing but Chinese officials are more than capable of crushing such rebellion. The most recent song on our poll is one of a handful from the 13-strong South Korean act to be blacklisted by the nation’s rather strict Ministry of Culture earlier this month. It is now illegal to buy, download or listen to the song, despite it being about as dangerous to know as a Labrador puppy.

No further information has been released regarding the Ministry’s reasons behind this all-round ban. Although unfortunate for fans in China, most diehard fans have probably purchased the 2010 track already, so the ban isn’t expected to affect the growing Hallyu wave.


According to the official government statement, the songs have been banned because they were never filed for a mandatory government review, implemented as a crackdown on illegal online music products and business activities. This means that the ban was based upon procedure, not of the content of Bonamana itself. Because SM Entertainment didn’t apply for the regulation review, version C of the Bonamana CD was subsequently deemed illegal for online distribution. Among other artists whose songs failed to pass the review are Bruno Mars, S.H.E, Jay Chou and many other artists from both China and around the world.

Source: UK Yahoo! Music
Credit : Allkpop

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