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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Big Bang TOP said ' I have a certain charm ' and never thought once that he was good looking

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G-Dragon and T.O.P. have created a unit, GD&TOP and are currently doing many activities. T.O.P. has revealed that he never once thought that he was good looking. Even in Big Bang, GD&TOP’s visual charms are different than others and as soon as the news of them releasing an album together, they gained a lot of attention. It looked T.O.P. has a more sharper look this time than when he filmed the movie, “Into the Fire.”

At the latest interview, T.O.P. said, “I lost a little bit of weight than when I was filming the movie,” and as soon as he heard that he has a very strong image, he replied by saying, “I never thought once that I was good looking. But I do believe that I have a certain charm.”

When they were asked to pick out a charm for each other, GD said, “T.O.P.’s eyes are very charming. There are a lot of eyes that are good looking but for T.O.P., there’s something deep within his.” T.O.P. then said, “Everything about GD is charming.”

During the “Knock Out” music video, there’s a shot of GD as he’s looking at the camera and his eyes formed double eyelids and ever since then, his nickname is “double eye lids GD.”

After hearing this, he said, “Lately, double eye lids keep forming. My father and uncle got double eye lids as they past their 30s so I think it’s a family charm. But personally, I don’t want them. I like my eyes the way they are now.”

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