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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Big Bang Seungri wants to prove to everyone that he can successful too like his hyungs

“People will think, ‘He’s the youngest member of Big Bang. What can the youngest member do?’ It’s fun to break that ideal.

free image hostingHe definitely caused a big trouble. On the 20th, Big Bang’s Seungri released his first solo album and the songs on album have been placed high on various music charts such as Naver Music, Bugs Music, and many more. This may be just a start but as a singer, Seungri has decided himself to change the minds of the people. Before he released his solo album, he revealed his hopeful and made it into reality.

Not only in Korea, but in Japan and in Asia in general, he’s the member of Big Bang who gained a lot of popularity. But compared to the other members, he has the least amount of solo activities. The youngest member have so many things he wants to do.

“I believe in faith. I think everything has its time. If there are no activities or a chance then I think it’s destiny as well. I think it’s better to continuously prepare for the destiny that’s about to come than to be hasty. Of course, the release of this solo album is destiny as well.”

Other members have been very active by doing solo and unit promotions and also with variety shows and acting as well. But, Seungri have not been able to do that. No, not being able to do it is not the right expression. He didn’t force himself to do something.

Seungri said, “Truthfully, I wasn’t confident that I could do better than the other members with music promotions and no one told me to do a solo either. Within Big Bang, I’m not in the center when it comes to music orientation so I was afraid of producing and writing songs. When others asked me about my skills in producing and writing songs, I told them I had no skills.”

Almost as if it was destiny, a chance was given and Seungri took that chance cooly. In the beginning, Seungri’s solo album was going to be released as a digital single but YG Entertainment’s President Yang Hyun Seok said that they got good feedback from ‘So What’ and ‘VVIP’ and released a mini album with a total of 7 songs and started his solo activities. Out of those songs, Seungri produced and wrote 6 of the songs.

Seungri said, “During the 5 years I’ve worked with Big Bang, I watched the members produce and write the songs by looking over their shoulders and wrote the songs from what I’ve heard from them.” But even before it was announced, the songs were getting great feedback and the expression of ‘genius’ fits him well.

Seungri prepared this album as he was running by himself because the other members were too busy with their activities. G-Dragon and T.O.P. with their unit album and Taeyang with his solo work. Thanks to that, Seungri is able to pour out his charm on this album.

Out of those, it’s the music video for VVIP which is one of the title song on his album. Seungri revealed that, “No matter what kind of work it is, I like to leave some kind of meaning. In VVIP, the meaning is within the key. When you open the door with the key, you enter Seungri’s world and you become the VVIP and with that meaning I want the fans to listen to it and receive that feeling as well.

This is how the first solo album was made but due to Big Bang’s comeback on February 24th, his solo activities will last less than a month. There could be some disappointment and regret. But Seungri shook his head.

“I’m going to make the listeners become anxious because they want to see more of Seungri as a solo singer. Then don’t you think I’ll be able to do activities as Big Bang and also as a solo singer at the same time?”

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