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Friday, 21 January 2011

Big Bang Gdragon visited his junior,Kim Daehan

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G-Dragon was said to have visited his junior, Kim Daehan, on the 18th, who has been in a deep coma for a year because of an accident. G-Dragon went to junior high with Daehan.

G-Dragon learned of the situation Kim Daehan was in through a letter his father posted that was circulated by fans on GD&TOP's home page. (Similar to how Jung Eun's story reached Daesung.)

Kim Daehan's father wrote:

Hello, Mr. Kwon. I'm Daehan's father.

Daehan, who lived in the suburbs, moved to Seoul for school where he had difficult times. I heard you helped and supported him a lot.

Daehan used to talk to me about you and the text messages you sent to him saying he'll ask you to perform with him when he becomes a great musician. He majored in Daegum (Korean traditional instrument) in which he had great success. He was even named as the youngest intangible cultural asset for playing it. But last January 2010, he had a tragic car accident and has been in a deep coma since then.

Doctors say that (even he's in a coma,) he can still hear us and that important people who were part of his past memories may have an effect on him. I understand that you are very busy and that it might be difficult.. but can you come for a visit and tell him, "Wake up, Daehan. I've come for you"? Please.. I'm asking you this to save my son. He was a very promising young man and you were a big support to him.. Please..

Source: bbvipz
Translation by huisuyoon @ twitter

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