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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob has risen as the ‘manner idol’.

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Recently with the rumors that ‘BEAST member Yong Junhyung and Rainbow’s Kim Jaekyung will be on ‘We Got Married’, BEAST fans have visited Kim Jaekyung’s cyworld mini homepage and had left bashing comments. To this, Yang Yoseob had posted on his personal twitter, “The scars that I received from the someone who had randomly spat out some comments still hasn’t healed. This probably doesn’t only apply to me, but others as well. No matter what the method is, someone should never have to inflect such deep scars on another person. Apologize. Should I do it instead?” This had struck the fans and also received attention as a star was telling his own fans to apologize to another star.

To this Yong Junhyung stated, “I have no idea why there was a rumor like that. I asked my company after hearing that I might be a couple with Jaekyung, but they told me that it wasn’t true. After hearing that it wasn’t true, I thought everything was okay, but I was really surprised. Early in our debut, we faced a lot of hateful comments. And of course we still face those comments. However, even when we tried hard to ignore them, we ended up crumbling many times due to this.”

Yang Yoseob revealed, “There is a clear definite line between criticism and hate comments. Since debut, I have been scarred many times due to hateful comments. Right now I have become much more immune to it, but back then I was really in pain. At least I can hold it in because I am a guy, but she is a woman. I think she would have been really hurt by this. That is why I decided to leave that comment.”

Currently BEAST is filming their music video for Japan and will be holding their encore concert on Febuaruy 18th and 19th at the Olympic Fitness Arena.


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