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Sunday, 9 January 2011

B2UTY,said sorry to Rainbow Jaekyung

On January 7th, an apology was put up on the group’s official fancafe stating:

“B2UTY Official Apology

Us B2UTYs would like to make an official apology. We’ve caused much damage towards SHINee and the SHINee World fandom. People under the name of B2UTY have left unrespectable posts in the SHINee fancafe and have made it embarrassing for even the stars themselves to see each other without embarrassment.

Regarding the ‘We Got Married’ rumor casting between B2ST’s Junhyung and Jaekyung, many unrespectable B2UTYs have terrorized and left hateful messages on Jaekyung’s homepage, deeply wounding her. We truly believe that as a woman, she has been deeply hurt, and we would like to genuinely apologize for that.

For a while, B2UTYs cherished an image of respect, but due to a few unrespectable B2UTYs, it seems as if that image has not been able to be held. We would like to apologize for the fact that we even have unrespectable B2UTYs.

From now on, we will be working hard in order to hear that we are a respectable fanbase once again.
Once again, we would like to deeply apologize.“

Netizens have applauded the efforts of both that B2ST’s fanbase and Yoseob, as the latter stepped forward to stop cyber-bullying, and the former had genuinely apologized for the trouble.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Daum

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