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Friday, 14 January 2011

4Minute's Kim Hyuna will be releasing another solo single this May

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HyunA is just one of the several female idols who had just turned 20 this year 2011. With that, people are expecting her to undergo some changes like showing more of their "never-seen" personalities and a sense of dynamism in other aspects.

In answer to people's curiosity, CUBE's CEO, Hong Seungsong, revealed some of HyunA's planned activities for the first half of the year. Besides the first announcement of 4Minute's release of their first full Korean album between February and March, Kim HyunA will also be using her time for her comeback as a solo singer/performer by May.

He stated, "Hyuna will have her second solo song which is expected to be released in May. Though this time, fans should expect a radical change in her concept."

Fans are anticipating this solo comeback from HyunA, most probably because of her success in CHANGE, where she got very famous for her "pelvic dance." However, people are also getting curious to this "radical change" that she'll be showing up to her fans.

Meanwhile, it really seemed like CUBE has a good line of activities for their artists for 2011. 4Minute's co-CUBE artists such as G.Na and BEAST will be also having their respective sets of activities such as album-releases and concerts. Let us continue supporting CUBE's artists most especially, our girls, 4Minute!

Source: STAR News and Baidu
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