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Sunday, 9 January 2011

4Minute's HyunAh confesses "I want to be like Kim HyungJa unnie"

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4Minute's HyunAh revealed that her New Years Resolution is to become like veteran actress Kim HyungJa.

On January 2nd's episode of 'Bouquet', in which stars such as 2PM and 2AM featured for the New Years Special, MC Jung HyungDon complimented the actress saying that she was "The Lee Hyori of the Olden Days". To this, Kim HyungJa replied "I did have boys following me around everywhere due to my popularity."

Hearing this, MC Jung HyungDon asked "Out of the female stars here today, who were you as popular as?" to which he received the response "I was about as popular as 4Minute's HyunAh."

This surprised HyunAh and she returned a flustered yet thankful word. Jung HyungDon teased her a bit, saying "HyunAh says she's thankful, but her eyes don't look very happy. Because this means when HyunAh becomes middle-aged, she will become like Kim HyungJa."

HyunAh wrapped up the topic by acting cute and saying "My life's goal is to become like HyungJa unnie".

Meanwhile, HyunAh is celebrating finally becoming an adult this year.

Source: NATE
Translation + Reporting + Editing RAINxclouds

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