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Monday, 3 January 2011

2NE1,will be official debut in Japan in February !

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2NE1 is planning to have an official debut in Japan in February of next year! They were orginally supposed to debut last year but due to the issue that they were still considered a new group, the company felt that they should build a strong Korean background before going to Japan.

The owner of "AVEX", will be working with the girls personally working on all their projects together. 2NE1's Japan promotions will be two months running from February to March
And during that period of time YG will work our hardest such that
2NE1 will be able to put out a new album in Korea by May~June.

As for 2NE1's American promotions, there has been no set schedule yet.
This is because "Will.I.Am" had just released a new album for Black Eyed Peas and has had no time to produce anything new.

Credit: YG Life + GEE@YGLadies, eyryg@omonatheydidnt

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