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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

[Vid] DBSK Homin- Happy 7th Anniversary

Yunho: Hello Cassiopeians! We are U-Know Yunho and
Changmin: Max Changmin!
Changmin: Did you enjoy our Christmas message? We tried hard to show off our skills…
Yunho: Yeah.
Changmin: But of course, it’s not a great drawing…
Yunho: That’s right.

Changmin: It’s been so long since we greeted everyone, so it’s a bit awkward, but I feel very happy. Are you guys doing well?
Yunho: Since this is a very special day, for both us and for you guys, we decided to greet you all with an audio message!
Yunho: It feels like it was just yesterday that TVXQ debuted, but it’s already been 7 years. Time’s quickly flown by, and we’re already in our mid-20s. All of our fans who were once students have transformed into pretty ladies now, right?
Changmin: They’ve become mature ladies.
Yunho: Yes. To think that it’s already been 7 years… Time has gone by so fast.
Changmin: Yes, that’s true. To the fans who supported us unceasingly during these 7 years, even right from the beginning, we want to express our gratitude to them again and again.
Yunho: *sighs in amazement*
Changmin: We’ve been working really hard to show the proper thinking and actions, so that you may feel pride in being our fans, anywhere and anytime. We’ll continue to be working hard in the future.
Yunho: We’ll work harder!
Changmin: We can’t say it as frequently, so I’m not sure if you fully understand our hearts…
Yunho: Of course they know! That goes without saying, right?
Changmin: But even now, I still don’t understand my own heart…

Yunho: Yes… Oh, that’s right! It won’t be long until TVXQ will makes a comeback. I feel nervous, it’s like when we first debuted. I’m excited to return to the stage after such a long time. We’ve become insatiable in our efforts to show you the best stage and meet everyone’s high expectations, so we really hope that you all enjoy it.
Changmin: Yeah!
Yunho: So to our fans…
Changmin: Yeah!
Yunho: Please look forward to it…
Changmin: Yeah!
Yunho: And please keep loving TVXQ in the future…
Changmin: Yeah!
Yunho: There are only few days left in 2010, so we hope that you all wrap up the year well.
Yunho + Changmin: We’re TVXQ, thank you everyone!
Changmin: And to all of Cassiopeians…
Yunho + Changmin: We love you!

Happy 7th Anniversary TVXQ!

Credit: VITALWARNING @ allkpop

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